Hi! I'm Rebecca.

Welcome to my writer site. Here you'll find testimonials and clips. You'll also be able to hire me to write for you, learn about my social media services and/or contact me.

I am a freelance writer based in Toronto, ON, Canada & Central Florida. I specialize in:

- Creating dynamic copy for companies

- Consulting with small and larger businesses to help improve their online presence

- Writing articles (for print or the web) on topics like Mental Health, Body Image, Fashion and Beauty, my life, my freelance writing business, Canada and USA, the events I cover as a journalist, and travel.

-Social media strategy. Getting the word out, fostering a community and selling your product or service is second nature to me.

I'm passionate about helping companies and their clients connect, producing effective promotional material that sells, and helping women radically improve the way they feel about themselves.

Email me today! Let's talk about what we can accomplish together.