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Writing, Editing & Business Consultation

"I wish I could make more constructive comments, but this [Rebecca's copy] is excellent work. [She] produced four solid ads that appeal directly to [the target markets] and motivate[s] clicks. It is amazing what [she] can accomplish in just a few lines".
-Paul Lima, freelance writer (who taught me at University of Toronto)

"I was very pleased with Rebecca’s work! She took the time to look over my site over thoroughly and she gave me nearly a dozen suggestions for making it more professional and more appealing to customers. I am implementing all of her recommendations and already my site looks 100% better... Rebecca made me feel good about my website and the services I’m providing".
-Jeannine Murphy, Moon In Libra

I ordered a copy consultation from Rebecca and was really not sure what to expect. I was utterly pleased with her services. The insights and detailed recommendations that I received have been invaluable to my business.  I really love [her] suggestions and will happily implement them. Rebecca is a gifted copywriter. I would happily recommend her services to anyone.
-Genevieve Garnier

Rebecca did a wonderful and thorough job editing my writing. She provided useful suggestions and very insightful feedback.
-Shirley Lu, university student & accountant

I am so pleased with the insights passed on to me in Rebecca Esther's Copy Consultation and found that each and every suggestion was very helpful. My website is easier to read and better laid-out with Rebecca's help.

Working with Rebecca is great. She is creative, motivated and professional. I couldn’t have finished my website without her inspired suggestions.
-Gina George of Nurture Yoga

Rebecca's work consistently delivers results.
-Steven, CEO

It’s really helpful to have professional feedback... now I know to concentrate on my marketing. I only launched recently and I’m learning that like you said, it takes time and i just have to keep at it. It really helps to have that confirmed [by Rebecca].
-Leanne Chapman, Claim Your Treasure

Rebecca's copywriting consultation has been very helpful! You should always have someone read over your web site content to catch any mistakes... and it's all the better if it's someone who is proficient at writing.
-Nela Dunato, freelance artist and designer

The Blog @ PolishandSparkle.com

Rebecca Esther['s writing] is upbeat and zingy! ...very enjoyable.

A tantalizing mix of personal anecdotes, pop culture and current events, all in bite-size, easy-to-read articles.
-Veronica V, alt model and longtime blog reader

It leaves you feeling good about yourself- empowered and totally stoked about who you are and what you want to do. It's different from other blogs.
-Shelley, youth mental health advocate

Becca is awesome!
-Shirley Lu, university student & accountant

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