Here's what sets me apart:

When I was 18, I took a bus to Florida.

I live in Toronto, so it was a fair distance—almost 2 days on the road.

My friends thought I was crazy. ‘Couldn’t you just fly there? It’d take only three hours instead of 30!’.

But I had my reasons.

Since then, I’ve repeated the trip twice, and learned something new each time. It’s a metaphor for my business, really:

1 I don’t believe in short-cuts. I’ve seen dozens of cities and towns, met lots of people and spent hours writing onboard a Greyhound. If I hadn’t gone the long way, I wouldn’t have had those great opportunities.

2 I sometimes do things a little differently. I’m happy to go off the beaten path, if there’s good reason—like exploring the southeast, or taking a creative approach to writing copy.

3 I’m dedicated. I committed to that long bus ride, just like I commit to my clients’ satisfaction. I’ve never had an unhappy client, but if you’re not thrilled by my work, I’ll edit it, free of charge.

4 I’m passionate. I adore traveling, as evidenced by my trips. I feel the same way about my business. My devotion lends itself to endless enthusiasm, attention to detail, and willingness to learn. These things set me apart from other writers.

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